27 July 2012

AnyFish Dragon & Phoenix Rod Blank
Dragon Blank
661m     4-10lb      PE 0.8
661m     6-15lb      PE 1.0
661m     8-17lb      PE 1.2
661m     10-20lb    PE 1.5
661m     12-25lb    PE 2.0
661m     15-30lb    PE 2.5
Phoenix Blank
662m     6-15lb      PE 1.0
702m     6-15lb      PE 1.0
562mh   6-20lb      PE 1.2
602mh   6-20lb      PE 1.2
662mh   6-20lb      PE 1.2
702mh   6-20lb      PE 1.2


  1. Dragon 4-10lb how much u sell?

  2. Can u give me price for bundle of 5pcs for each blank size. Dragon and pheonix. I just start doing custom rod. Sms me or call me at 0166246124 zam.